Lampraki 16

Triadi - Thessaloniki

Tel. 2310 461 955





Pre-Education Center
Standard Baby - Nursery School
Manager: Paraskevopoulou Xristina


Through the 9th experience and qualified staff, the station operates with respect to freedom, the needs and the particular personality of each child. Our goal is intellectual, social and emotional development of children through organized program activities that include:

1. Large spaces harmoniously decorated with appropriate furniture, with modern teaching materials and carefully selected toys.
2. Playground in a beautiful natural environment.
3. Rich and healthy breakfast offered to all children without charge.
4. Educational trips to museums, theaters, farms, etc.
5. Regular medical supervision.
6. Insurance coverage for all children.
7. Safe places with fire safe.
8. Transfer of children with the station's car.
9. Fully qualified personnel.
10. Information for parents on behavior and development of children.

Daily schedule of activities:

1. Arrival of children, freedom of employment, breakfast.
2. Separation sections depending on the age of children.
3. Organized jobs, know the environment, native language, promathitikes concepts, rhythmic action, art.
4. Free or guided play inside or outside in the yard, depending on weather conditions.
5. Lunch.
6. Relaxing with teaching materials.
7. Departure.


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